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Dammit, I hate it when I do this to myself- I've been working out really well this past few weeks. And I've basicaly lost all the weight in my face (because for some reason when I start to gain weight my body decides to send it to my head before sending it other places) and other parts of my body are starting to look tone and slim. and my pants are beginning to feel loose again when they were snug.

But I hate it when I start to pig out on days when I can't exercise because the local alcohoic is home and his main area is the basement/gym. After I work out its like I don't wanna ruin all that work I just did. But when I can't, thats when Fat!Carl, and Slim!Over!exercising!Carl just can't stop him.

I ate Popeyes chicken and then- get this- I decided to finish off that can of Cake icing that I made with my little sister a week ago (that, I ate in portions)

I ran my finger inside of that fucking can like it was heaven....

Mainly because it was, guys and guhls. It was. White and fliffy vanilla frosting...

*Homer Simpson drool* Ah Lawd, I understand Uncle Rawkus when he was talking about that White Fever... except mine was for icing.
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