Neo (neonix25) wrote,

I'm 19 Today Mufukkas!!!

Yes, I turned 19 today. I sometimes forget my birthday and am reminded by others- usually it's my mom (of course, since she said it took my like all day to be born) and whenever she does she also comments on how it's Oprah's birthday too. And wonders how Oprah's going to spend her day, and that she "still looks good".

Sometimes I think of taking her out in her sleep for these things... but I just don't have the heart to go through with it. Damn Oprah Worshippers...

Anyways, so I met my father today, not for the first time, but the number of times I have met him can be counted on one hand. So Anyways, he had me waiting outside of a TG.I Friday's for a bit, but he came; however, we didn't stay at that place as its Sunday and it was packed. So we went to another place. So basically all dude could say was over and over again was how I looked like him... I really didn't see it.

He was also short.... exactly my height. And then I got sad. I was hoping for a growth spurt to hit me a bit and at least gain another foot- something. 5'7" is not fun since ladies always show love to the tall mofos. Finally, I told him of my disappointment and he reassured me that two of his siblings had some height, and he smoked at an early age.

Thank God, even if I don't gain an inch, let me dream. So then I got to learn of my other brothers who are apparently not doing so good; one's awaiting a trial hearing for have 2 kilos of cocaine with him and his friend that neither are trying to claim, and the other brother is selling drugs, gangbanging, and beating people up. I also learned that the latter is the same age as me and that he hid him from my mother. OMG! We should so go on, Maury now!

My mom's side is no different and I always wonder why did I turn out to be such a nice guy/bitch. I swear, I've talked myself out of a many of fights over stupid shit when I know everybody I know would have thrown down. *shrugs* I just don't see the point in getting a black eye and losing some of meh sex!appeal over a look or somebody stepping on my shoe. But anyways, apparently he liked that as he wasn't use to it.

He thinks I talk a lot. Off the bat, dude looks like a thief, and apparently he was/is. Mom told me that she use to tell him clap his hands in the stores whenever they went together because he had a bad habit- and whenever he'd stopped clapping she'd know what was going on.

Don't know if he kept up with it (doubt it) but I just found it funny. Especially to find out that the reasons you are alive are because your mother had a thing for bad boy gangsters/drug dealers who were mean 'n ugly and your father wanted somebody that was someone different to his surroundings.

I know, aren't they losers.

Both were stupid as hell as they can admit but it as nice to see those two together when she'd come to pick me up. Once, and that once is enough as I could sense him getting fresh. But, he's going away for a while.. another Alcoholics/Drug Addiction program and I won't see dude for a while. It hit that during those other times-that-I-can-count-on-one-hand (which spread out between my 19 years of life) that whenever he went to those things I'd lose contact and never hear from him. Now, feels a little different but I still don't get attached or anything.

But dammit, a part of me liked him. When I swore I wouldn't, I did. I feel like going back to that table back in the 3rd grade where all the kids with fucked up parents used to sit (those kids were the 'cool' ones for some reason, mainly 'cause they know how to fuck up the rest of us) and say "Whatever- my dad's been to jail, like... 24 times. Bitches." And throw my chocolate milk in the air and watch it hit someone, and laugh.

God those were some mean fucking kids.

Finally, I wish he'd did a little bit better raising (just a little) raising one of his kids. Mainly me.
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