Neo (neonix25) wrote,


I've been in two car accidents in one week.


One on Sunday night, which was more of a fender bender than an accident, as I was foolishly backing up and I hit a parked van (I know, Shut up! I was annoyed and rushing and going off of people's bad directions...) The people were really nice and I'm trying to convinced them not to go through my insurance right now. ESPECIALLY Right now. Luckily my step father is into the auto parts business and will try to get him the hookup.

Then about oh, 4 hours ago I was in another car accident that messed the shit out of my left front light. It was raining and I was coming down a street, driving off of the incline of the road. I was in the left lane far away from the red light.

A red light that had just turn green. I spot a car in the middle of the intersection coming from my opposite direction. She must have been trying to turn on her turn signal, but it had past and was not trapped in the intersection. But the direction she was going was blocked off as my side had the Green.

So I figured she had space away from my lane... but as I get close I realize that her bumper is sticking out in my way, and I try to stop but the lovely slick roads made the wheels hydroplane, so I slide right into her.

So I was fucked. Couldn't get in any other lane 'cause those cars were stalled due to the red light and I would have hydroplanned right into the back of them. So forward was my only direction.

Luckily, one of those cars going my direction was driven by a police officer (since the police station was in sight, so I'm not as surprised. But nice to have) said that I had the right of way and that she saw everything. Made all the stress go away 'cause I was shaking. I became one of those stupid people who had accidents in the intersection that I always complain about.

Oh well, I've learned my lesson this week; I'm not a great driver like I thought I was... unless I'm hitting something.

And now the car that I complained about, that stanked, that I wore gloves as to protect myself the dirty and crud that I could never wipe off from the steering wheel, is messed up. Some of the frame is pushed against the tire to the point whereas I couldn't even drive home.

But at least the lady was nice. Although maybe she was nice 'cause she knew I could probably take her to the cleaners if I wanted to. Ouch, My neck!

Eh, I'm not. I just want my car fixed is all!
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