Neo (neonix25) wrote,

Douche Managers

Okay, what is up with managers being douches? No, seriously you give a person a different color badge or sticker, or a different vest than everyone else and all of a sudden they go crazy.

Yesterday, my new manager called the store and asked me about the "Mandatory meeting" and if I could make it. She asked because Tuesdays and Thursdays are my off days. I ask how long would it be and she says, "Oh, not too long. NO. Not long at all."

Okay, so today I had myfirst work-related meeting at a job. But am I crazy? When someone tells me "No, not too long" all that has to happen happens in less than an hour.. hell, Half-an-hour. The way she made the meeting seem, it wasn't even that serious.

But it went on. For an Hour and a half. I'm off on Tuesdays for a fucking reason- I had somewhere to BE, assholes!

But I'm starting in the middle. I get there like two or three minutes before six. Not everyone is there. I'm dressed all fresh 'n shit due to plans later on. But it took like ten minutes for the dag on thing to start- even when we were all there (minus one, who came in later.. but the ones who were there at the start of the meeting had been there for a while).

We get in there and this lady from some middle management is there talking to us about new policies. Okay.. yadda yadda ya. But then she starts getting really rude by talking about people.. calling folks "stupid" and "incompetent" at some photo centers for not being able to describe problems with the machines.

I was offended because she was talking about me. I don't know what I'm describing or what the thingies are called. But I deal. I work, so I have no choice, but she was uncaring, apathetic, and just plain right rude.

Hey bitch? You know why people can't describe things? BECAUSE NO ONE FUCKING TRAINS YOU! I've been there for two months and I was suppose to go through hours of sitting at a computer screen for training. And guess what? I haven't sat down once. They bring me in like a whore, work me over and expect me to just deal.

I do as I wanna get paid. I remember going to another store to help a fellow photo tech person.. she'd only been there two days and they had her running the place by herself. They don't wanna train you. At all.

Then, as I realized that this meeting was taking longer than I'd expected my eyes would dart to the clock from occasion to occasion. This heffa snapped and was like, "OMGZ! Can you please stop looking at the clock?11one! We all have somewhere to be- I left kids at home! If you wanna leave leave, but if you wanna tis job I suggest you take this seriously!11"

Well, one. You are on the clock and you been on the clock, while this is my official day off. not a day where I'm technically off but a day where I *don't* work at all. Two, travelling and leaving your kids is part of your job description, one you later went on to say how you loved doing and wanted to move up in the store and do more. Plus it wasn't as if my body language was uncaring and indifferent to her. I was attentive and everything. I just looked at the clock on occasion because I had somewhere to be and I was misinformed of how long the damn thing will be.

And another thing? I hate seeing managers kiss ass. Seriously... eww. Plus, in not being trained, most of the DAMN meeting was in some "code" that everyone else was in while I was left sitting there, quiet wondering WTF? How do I do that? And when she showed us on the screen, it was so small and so fast, it was if it barely happened.

Plus the fucking questions this one guy kept on asking... he's one of those geeks that has to show you how smart he is and how much he knows or else he doesn't or feel he doesn't have anything. So he just comes off as annoying and awkward to the point whereas if he doesn't have a friend in the world, you couldn't care less. So he kept on asking questions and making suggestions when the meeting is basically over and I just wanna reach back and slap the shit out of him.

The funny thing was that before that, I had a great day. And a bunch of folks from work EFFED that shit all up. You know you're pissed off when you have to talk to yourself in the car, review what had been said and add in what you shoulda/coulda/woulda said.

I know I'm not the only one who does it!
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