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Tell me if this sounds Passive Aggressive [23 Oct 2006|04:51am]
[ mood | pissed ]

Need to vent for a moment. So good news and some bad news!

Good News; I actually went and bought an Ipod. Yes, even with my crappy ass computer I just went and used up my credit card and buried myself in a little debt. But God... is it worth it. I figured that I can just go over my uncle's house and download shit until my computer is right.

Was right.

Bad news: Well, actually there is some good news *to* the bad news so its not all bad. Uncle got a new computer and gave me the old one... which has a trojan on it trying to unload a shitload of spyware & adware on it. So i was playing around with the new one this morning sitting my old one to the side. When I come back from a funtabulous hour of downloading shit over my uncle's house I found that stepdad in a passive aggresive punkass bitch EXPLOSION actually threw away the old tower. Sat it outside... and not only that, cut the wires inside the tower for "security reasons". Without asking... he doesn't even use the thing. I could have had something on there that was unreplaceable. But his excuse was that it was sitting next to the trash.

EXCEPT OUR WHOLE COMPUTER SIT NEXTS TO THE TRASH AND HAS SINCE WE MOVED! Desk and everything sits nxt to the trashbin (whichs makes me super lazy with a computer, refrigerator and a trashbin being in reaching distance of each other) The whole fucking thing does. And his reasons behind it is that in a way its his and its not; he paid for it but its not in his name. So throwing it out in some spiteful way made him feel good I guess. At first it really didn't bother me til I was at work trying to escape labor by retreating into my thoughts. It was the fact that he threw it away to actually hurt me y'know? That's what gets under my skin and makes me wanna vomit; that somebody actually did something like that in some way to get "back at me" for existing and they live, sleep, and breathe in the same house as I do. Yeah... I'm a fucking teenager; of course I took over the computer since I was home more, knew more shit than you did when it came to fixing it and had a network of folks online besides Cyberfuck buddies. AND IF HE WANTED TO USE IT? Open your fucking mouth! Dude took over the tv and the sound system that accompanied it and we respected that; people piss over 'their' areas in a living space at times. He even hooked up all his old instruments to the sound system, trying to relive his glory days in a drunk stupors in the middle of the night.

Hey. Everybody needs something.

But to throw it out?? Dude knew he was wrong and I could only just stare at him like the miserable drunk he is. "Well you can stil get the harddrive," he told me.

No, you retarded fucker.

Whoo, okay typing it out got that off my chest... sorry its a shame. "What whaa! My old computer got thrown away... I have another but still! Whaa" Just that knowing the motive behind shit can really ignite you in a sense. That old piece of crap was my baby; sure she couldn't burn a cd to save her life and Jesus' second Coming would probably happen before she finished downloading a file, but we were a team dammit.

Still...I GOT A FUCKING IPOD! You don't know how technologicallyiable-edumacated I am, so yeah for the few folks who could stand my emo rant (when you pass the age of 20, am I suppose to stop with those because they kinda are my usualy thing), give me some songs out there I should download 'cause I am a newbie to all this shit.

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OMGZ OUCH! Punk to Vanitee [27 Sep 2006|02:37pm]
[ mood | In Mufukkin' Pain ]

I haven't written in this thing fore..like... ever!

I just came o to complain so hear it goes! I joined a gym yesterday because I want to be "supah hot" you know, get my work out on and get some muscles... okay, I just want a nice chest, sue me. I'm a product of my culture.

But the thing is, I haven't done like a push up or any kind of strength training in a long time. Oh, I mean a looong time. And even when I did, it was kinda wack. I like running- I can run forever. But Running + a super metabolism equals burning not only fat but muscle. and I realize that today because I could only do 15 effing minutes of my damn hour-work out.

15 minutes. shit, it felt like half an hour. And then I told the guy I didn't eat much before I came and I thought that I was lying to him to get out of it (I know, I'm starting a good exercise regime) but then I got so fucking dizzy. I was out-of-breath and I thought the world was slowly slipped away...

And all around me, these gym rats- young, old, heavy, and slim- are going about their routines all gangsta. Had "Punk" written all over my forehead and can you say emasculated when your trainer tells you how a middle aged woman got on the leg press machine and hammered away, but you got on their and acted like a big ol' punkass?

I see why folks get steroids- I didn't before, but now I do dammit. Wont GET them myself, but I see the desire.

I never felt like that. But God, it just made me realize something- I know absolutely nothing about bodybuilding. I don't know how to breath through a damn set, what to eat, a good schedule. And then I'm getting down 'cause I realize goddammit, I'm 19 and I haven't accomplished anything. You feel like you should have done something by now, but nope...

Not me.

Nothing. So I'm gonna work hard for my chest and my abs. I still have youth and I take after my dad's side with their propensity to be lean bastards.

Although if I don't get my chest, I'll give into this sick culture some more and get pec implants.

DONT JUDGE ME VAR!!!!!!one111 Dont Judge!

EDIT: You know I just realized something all late- could my trainer have broken me during my first workout so I could seem like the newbie I am- AND I would take him as my trainer? *gasps* Because I So told his ass all I did was run for 5x a week for an hour and even then i haven't even done that for months (constantly anyway) I feel a blend of aid and greed all mixed into one- my pockets feel as though they've been fondled! 'Cause the Degradation-buld up trick is so old and I think I might have fallen for it!

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Douche Managers [24 May 2006|01:57am]
Okay, what is up with managers being douches? No, seriously you give a person a different color badge or sticker, or a different vest than everyone else and all of a sudden they go crazy.

Yesterday, my new manager called the store and asked me about the "Mandatory meeting" and if I could make it. She asked because Tuesdays and Thursdays are my off days. I ask how long would it be and she says, "Oh, not too long. NO. Not long at all."

Okay, so today I had myfirst work-related meeting at a job. But am I crazy? When someone tells me "No, not too long" all that has to happen happens in less than an hour.. hell, Half-an-hour. The way she made the meeting seem, it wasn't even that serious.

But it went on. For an Hour and a half. I'm off on Tuesdays for a fucking reason- I had somewhere to BE, assholes!

But I'm starting in the middle. I get there like two or three minutes before six. Not everyone is there. I'm dressed all fresh 'n shit due to plans later on. But it took like ten minutes for the dag on thing to start- even when we were all there (minus one, who came in later.. but the ones who were there at the start of the meeting had been there for a while).

We get in there and this lady from some middle management is there talking to us about new policies. Okay.. yadda yadda ya. But then she starts getting really rude by talking about people.. calling folks "stupid" and "incompetent" at some photo centers for not being able to describe problems with the machines.

I was offended because she was talking about me. I don't know what I'm describing or what the thingies are called. But I deal. I work, so I have no choice, but she was uncaring, apathetic, and just plain right rude.

Hey bitch? You know why people can't describe things? BECAUSE NO ONE FUCKING TRAINS YOU! I've been there for two months and I was suppose to go through hours of sitting at a computer screen for training. And guess what? I haven't sat down once. They bring me in like a whore, work me over and expect me to just deal.

I do as I wanna get paid. I remember going to another store to help a fellow photo tech person.. she'd only been there two days and they had her running the place by herself. They don't wanna train you. At all.

Then, as I realized that this meeting was taking longer than I'd expected my eyes would dart to the clock from occasion to occasion. This heffa snapped and was like, "OMGZ! Can you please stop looking at the clock?11one! We all have somewhere to be- I left kids at home! If you wanna leave leave, but if you wanna tis job I suggest you take this seriously!11"

Well, one. You are on the clock and you been on the clock, while this is my official day off. not a day where I'm technically off but a day where I *don't* work at all. Two, travelling and leaving your kids is part of your job description, one you later went on to say how you loved doing and wanted to move up in the store and do more. Plus it wasn't as if my body language was uncaring and indifferent to her. I was attentive and everything. I just looked at the clock on occasion because I had somewhere to be and I was misinformed of how long the damn thing will be.

And another thing? I hate seeing managers kiss ass. Seriously... eww. Plus, in not being trained, most of the DAMN meeting was in some "code" that everyone else was in while I was left sitting there, quiet wondering WTF? How do I do that? And when she showed us on the screen, it was so small and so fast, it was if it barely happened.

Plus the fucking questions this one guy kept on asking... he's one of those geeks that has to show you how smart he is and how much he knows or else he doesn't or feel he doesn't have anything. So he just comes off as annoying and awkward to the point whereas if he doesn't have a friend in the world, you couldn't care less. So he kept on asking questions and making suggestions when the meeting is basically over and I just wanna reach back and slap the shit out of him.

The funny thing was that before that, I had a great day. And a bunch of folks from work EFFED that shit all up. You know you're pissed off when you have to talk to yourself in the car, review what had been said and add in what you shoulda/coulda/woulda said.

I know I'm not the only one who does it!
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Bad Effing Week! [19 May 2006|11:25am]
Okay, this week wasn't the best of weeks for the Neo. Stepdad has been hounding me for the money and I've been stressed out about it. Bio-Dad couldn't come through, so I decided to ask my uncle.

Why did I decide that? I love the man, and as I don't have that many male role models in my life, I respect him and put his word on a pedestal without even realizing. The sad thing is is that he's a misogynistic, homophobic, volatile, and just an bitter angry man. And I get why he is the way he is and because of that I just deal. Plus, he always says that I don't tell him anything and that he wants to be there for me.

So I call him about the money. And dude just *snaps*. He tells me how stupid I am for not running away when I hit the car, how much of a "man" I am since I haven't been around any but my moms and grandmother, and how I'm so "smart" since I'm in college, and so on...

I mean, WTF?! Mufukka, just say, "No, I ain't got it right now." That's all. He could be irritated that I came to him late and didn't tell him about the accident that happened a month ago. I just didn't tell him because I was embarrassed. But I didn't have chance to get that out as he laid into me.

Ever have that happen? Somebody attack your character and be wrong, yet its so warped to the point whereas you have to second guess your own self and wonder if they are right? Most of the shit he said about me wasn't even true; yet, it was so close to the truth that it hit my insecurities and I starting crying.

And. I. Hate. Crying. I know there's nothing wrong with it, but I was in front of family and I couldn't get away as we were in a car, so my feelings were on full display. So I just said the cell's battery was dying... it didn't convince him and I guess not 'cause it didn't even convince me as I'm a fairly good liar when I need to be.

I can't go there with him anymore. He makes me feel like shit whenever we are around each other for long periods of time. To him, I'm not much of a man, and I'm not being exactly what he wants me to be. I know I don't have anything to prove to him, but... again, if he started saying "The sky is always mothafucking green!", if you give me at least five minutes of being around him, I'd add in, "Yeah.. it does have a greenish tent to it."

One day I fear I'm just gonna stop... trying with him. Even if he is fam, even if he is one of the few guys in my family I'm close to...

Or maybe I will continue what I've been doing. I smile, even if there is a fucking knife wedged in my back because the only thing he'd do is tell me how much of a 'bitch' I was for letting someone stab me in the first place. I'd rather suffer than for him to know my pain 'cause his 'helping' makes the pain not look so bad.

And that's fucked up.

Well, I got the money situation taken care of now. I won't have to worry about dude or his old ass van ever again! Muahaha! Rejoice!

But it also means I'll be broke as fuck for the rest of May. *shrugs* I'm gonna party and buy a whole lotta clothes 'n shoes 'n shit for June! Goddamit!

But on two good points: Left Turn Is BACK! What?!

And this morning I had a math exam and my teacher took me out of class and explained to me that my grade was one of the highest in the class and that I didn't have to take it. *does a dance*
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"We rule at fanfiction" [12 May 2006|12:46am]
[ mood | hysterical ]

Thoguht I share a fun little Im with you guys. It's an idea for my next story...

Read more...Collapse )
Yes, M-Preg. Male pregnany. X-men.Fuck a HBO- We took it there.

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Update on Accident!Prone!Neo [10 May 2006|10:03pm]
[ mood | moody ]

Wow, I hardly ever update? Why have you people even befriended me?

But just to start off, has anyone heard that new Nelly Furtado Song, "Promiscuous"? I hate club scenes, but goddamn that beat has been making me grind against air. Gotta get out more...
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I Hate Myself... [09 Apr 2006|08:19pm]
I've just now seen Serenity I know.. what took me so long? I can actually go a while without seeing movies-especially if I'm broke. Give me music or a book over a movie any day.

But Oh God! Tess was right and I feel like such an idiot.... such a stupid, late idiot for missing out on a great movie!!!!

Oh God... Wash.

I needs a moment.[/geekdom]

Also... has anybody seen Me and You and Everyone We Know? Kinda wack.

But um... "Back and Forth" will stay in my head- forever! LOL! The mouths of babes. But in its sick fucked up way... "Back and Forth" was kind of sweet if you look at it in a romantic-relationship symbolic kinda way.
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WTF?!?!!? [07 Apr 2006|02:41pm]
I've been in two car accidents in one week.


One on Sunday night, which was more of a fender bender than an accident, as I was foolishly backing up and I hit a parked van (I know, Shut up! I was annoyed and rushing and going off of people's bad directions...) The people were really nice and I'm trying to convinced them not to go through my insurance right now. ESPECIALLY Right now. Luckily my step father is into the auto parts business and will try to get him the hookup.

Then about oh, 4 hours ago I was in another car accident that messed the shit out of my left front light. It was raining and I was coming down a street, driving off of the incline of the road. I was in the left lane far away from the red light.

A red light that had just turn green. I spot a car in the middle of the intersection coming from my opposite direction. She must have been trying to turn on her turn signal, but it had past and was not trapped in the intersection. But the direction she was going was blocked off as my side had the Green.

So I figured she had space away from my lane... but as I get close I realize that her bumper is sticking out in my way, and I try to stop but the lovely slick roads made the wheels hydroplane, so I slide right into her.

So I was fucked. Couldn't get in any other lane 'cause those cars were stalled due to the red light and I would have hydroplanned right into the back of them. So forward was my only direction.

Luckily, one of those cars going my direction was driven by a police officer (since the police station was in sight, so I'm not as surprised. But nice to have) said that I had the right of way and that she saw everything. Made all the stress go away 'cause I was shaking. I became one of those stupid people who had accidents in the intersection that I always complain about.

Oh well, I've learned my lesson this week; I'm not a great driver like I thought I was... unless I'm hitting something.

And now the car that I complained about, that stanked, that I wore gloves as to protect myself the dirty and crud that I could never wipe off from the steering wheel, is messed up. Some of the frame is pushed against the tire to the point whereas I couldn't even drive home.

But at least the lady was nice. Although maybe she was nice 'cause she knew I could probably take her to the cleaners if I wanted to. Ouch, My neck!

Eh, I'm not. I just want my car fixed is all!
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GODDAMN!!!!!!! [23 Mar 2006|03:09pm]
[ mood | Psyched!one!11 ]

Buy Prince's CD 3121 NOW!!!!

It's like 10 dollars at Best Buy for a limited time, go get it now!!!! It's like someone is making love to me ear in one song and then humping my ears the next song!

GET.it. NOW!!!!!

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OMFG!!!! [12 Mar 2006|08:08pm]
Did y'all hear about the RED RANGER!!!!!

He's doing the Gay Pr0n!!!!!!!

Lawd, jessus, and he looks like he's done steroids since the show booted him.

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*sighs* [07 Mar 2006|02:58pm]
Dammit!Read more...Collapse )
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Oprah... [17 Feb 2006|08:20am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Oprah, stop it! Seriously.. just- NO!

You have lost your DAMN mind with yesterday's show.

And another thing... a show with white folks in blackface "learning" about being black is NOT cool, nor is it EDUCATIONAL. Read "Black Like Me" if you're that interested.

Also that "white" family (read: negroes in the makeup) now look Hispanic. And not even the White hispanic category. They look like some latin mufukkas down the street trying to front.

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A confession to my Lovely Des... [16 Feb 2006|02:55pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I remember a while back when Des was telling me about this teacher she worked with at a school for kids with special needs. And she was saying something that dude turned her off (you liked him for a second, didn't you?) because he went on a rant about his weight like a girl.

I confess. I care about my weight like a "girl" too. I LOL'd with Des, but I was being a big hypocrite. Yesterday I went to the scale and I had two more pounds on me (and I tried to piss/dump everything out of my body but I was empty inside) and so I worked out like crazy today. I'm back to the weight I was before...

But got dammit, yesterday after getting on that scale, it was all I could think about. Even in my classes- and it wasn't a mood that would have made me do an extra hour of aerobics. Nope, it was a "let's stuff our face" because we'll never be in the 130's again. And dammit if I could just work out my obliques and destroy the rest of the baby love handles (because it's not like you can grab them, but you might get the idea that you could), I'd be happy.

Anyways, enough with the whiny-ass crap, I haven't been able to work on my Storm fic in a while trying to keep up with classes. And when I don't get to work on it, then my mind focuses on it and starts making changes to the original idea, making it hard for me to continue on my course.

Stupid ass brain. Stupid ass fucking obliques. Okay, I guess this whole post is nothing but whiny ass crap. Ignore me.

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[10 Feb 2006|02:56pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

<td align="center"> Carl --

Tastes like fried chicken

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Your mom says that all the time ;-)

<td align="center"> Neo --

A hard-core grave robber

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Hey, you don't need it where you're going anyway...
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I'm 19 Today Mufukkas!!! [29 Jan 2006|09:35pm]
Yes, I turned 19 today. I sometimes forget my birthday and am reminded by others- usually it's my mom (of course, since she said it took my like all day to be born) and whenever she does she also comments on how it's Oprah's birthday too. And wonders how Oprah's going to spend her day, and that she "still looks good".

Sometimes I think of taking her out in her sleep for these things... but I just don't have the heart to go through with it. Damn Oprah Worshippers...

Anyways, so I met my father today, not for the first time, but the number of times I have met him can be counted on one hand. So Anyways, he had me waiting outside of a TG.I Friday's for a bit, but he came; however, we didn't stay at that place as its Sunday and it was packed. So we went to another place. So basically all dude could say was over and over again was how I looked like him... I really didn't see it.

He was also short.... exactly my height. And then I got sad. I was hoping for a growth spurt to hit me a bit and at least gain another foot- something. 5'7" is not fun since ladies always show love to the tall mofos. Finally, I told him of my disappointment and he reassured me that two of his siblings had some height, and he smoked at an early age.

Thank God, even if I don't gain an inch, let me dream. So then I got to learn of my other brothers who are apparently not doing so good; one's awaiting a trial hearing for have 2 kilos of cocaine with him and his friend that neither are trying to claim, and the other brother is selling drugs, gangbanging, and beating people up. I also learned that the latter is the same age as me and that he hid him from my mother. OMG! We should so go on, Maury now!

My mom's side is no different and I always wonder why did I turn out to be such a nice guy/bitch. I swear, I've talked myself out of a many of fights over stupid shit when I know everybody I know would have thrown down. *shrugs* I just don't see the point in getting a black eye and losing some of meh sex!appeal over a look or somebody stepping on my shoe. But anyways, apparently he liked that as he wasn't use to it.

He thinks I talk a lot. Off the bat, dude looks like a thief, and apparently he was/is. Mom told me that she use to tell him clap his hands in the stores whenever they went together because he had a bad habit- and whenever he'd stopped clapping she'd know what was going on.

Don't know if he kept up with it (doubt it) but I just found it funny. Especially to find out that the reasons you are alive are because your mother had a thing for bad boy gangsters/drug dealers who were mean 'n ugly and your father wanted somebody that was someone different to his surroundings.

I know, aren't they losers.

Both were stupid as hell as they can admit but it as nice to see those two together when she'd come to pick me up. Once, and that once is enough as I could sense him getting fresh. But, he's going away for a while.. another Alcoholics/Drug Addiction program and I won't see dude for a while. It hit that during those other times-that-I-can-count-on-one-hand (which spread out between my 19 years of life) that whenever he went to those things I'd lose contact and never hear from him. Now, feels a little different but I still don't get attached or anything.

But dammit, a part of me liked him. When I swore I wouldn't, I did. I feel like going back to that table back in the 3rd grade where all the kids with fucked up parents used to sit (those kids were the 'cool' ones for some reason, mainly 'cause they know how to fuck up the rest of us) and say "Whatever- my dad's been to jail, like... 24 times. Bitches." And throw my chocolate milk in the air and watch it hit someone, and laugh.

God those were some mean fucking kids.

Finally, I wish he'd did a little bit better raising (just a little) raising one of his kids. Mainly me.
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Some X-Men Funny For ya [24 Jan 2006|04:22pm]

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Professor X's balls!

  1. Professor X's ballsocracy is government by Professor X's balls.
  2. The risk of being struck by Professor X's balls is one occurence every 9,300 years.
  3. Ancient Greeks believed earthquakes were caused by Professor X's balls fighting underground.
  4. Baby swans are called Professor X's balls.
  5. It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same Professor X's balls!
  6. Humans have 46 chromosomes, peas have 14, and Professor X's balls has 7.
  7. About 100 people choke to death on Professor X's balls each year.
  8. Professor X's balls will always turn right when leaving a cave.
  9. By tradition, a girl standing under Professor X's balls cannot refuse to be kissed by anyone who claims the privilege.
  10. Professor X's balls has a bifurcated penis!
I am interested in - do tell me about

Ha ha ha! I have issues.
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Note To Self and other Folks... [18 Jan 2006|01:00pm]
who write X-Men fanfic, X-men particularly can I just say that using the comics and trying to create a decent movieverse one is HARD. Especially if your knowledge of such places like Egypt, Sudan, and Kenya is limited.

But its not impossible- its just living with that fear of fucking of not one, but a bunch of other folks cultures. That's some serious fun.
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Des, You'll pay for this!!!! [13 Jan 2006|05:10pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Lucky I love you...

Ground Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 Guilty Pleasures" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about their 5 Guilty Pleasures as well as state this rule. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. Madonna- You know after buying that CD of hers and listening to old joints from back in the day ("Take a Bow" "Human Nature" "Papa Don't Preach" and so on) I really like that old ho-bag.
2. Electronica/techno music. I just don't know why but I kinda like that shit.
3. Degrassi: The next Generation- I love those melodramatic Canadian kids! OMGZ- Manny Luv4life!!!
4. Does Porn count? I wouldn't admit aloud to a lot of people... but I love me some porn. And I'm talking the Spank Me/BDSM freak-nasty stuff. Not that much into watersports nor scat, but degradation and pain gets me off.
5. X-Men. every online knows it but few people offline know how much I love it.. to the point of playing it in RPGs and writing fics about it.

Hmm, who should I choose... karnythia, ninamonkey, obiwago, stickykeys633, ladylionheart

Onward with the day... I worked out today- lost 1 lb! I know I shouldn't get into the habit of checking a scale every time I work out, but really I don't get bothered by seeing the same number as I did the day before. Doesn't bother me at all...

But seeing it change does feel good, LOL!

My mom IMed me my father's phone number. God, I don't wanna call him can open up a wound I worked so hard with the assistance of time of other male figures, to close. I just don't wanna go there... but I know they if he died that my conscience would flipped the past 18 years onto the back of my guilt and I really don't want either.

Damn him... maybe I should go smoke some crack and disappear for years and try to worm back up in his life and see how he likes it.

Hmph! *tosses hair over shoulder and scoffs at the thought*

That sounds bitter doesn't? I must be messed up 'cause I was chuckling while I typed it. But maybe if I do get this out of the way I can move on to being a more happier, well-rounded person.

Or maybe we'll hate each other and we both won't feel guilty anymore. Either one will work for me I guess.

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Me and the Mikedizzle [11 Jan 2006|01:09pm]
Emmalr4 [12:45 PM]: hey bitch
bodenlch [12:45 PM]: hey
Emmalr4 [12:46 PM]: whats going on with ya? saw yur picture! I was like , awww! Look at mike, looking like a 2 dollar ho
Emmalr4 [12:46 PM]: ;-)
bodenlch [12:46 PM]: :-p
bodenlch [12:46 PM]: jealous that you didn't meet autumn
Emmalr4 [12:47 PM]: i am actually more jealous because for some reason i had you in my head as chubby.
Emmalr4 [12:47 PM]: or thick. you mademe feel fat and now i hope you die
bodenlch [12:48 PM]: dude, i have always told you i'm skinny. i don't lie about my weight
bodenlch [12:48 PM]: and i feel a touch insulted that you thought i was heavy or thick :-p
Emmalr4 [12:48 PM]: whatever11111!one
Emmalr4 [12:48 PM]: lol1 well i did. but i dont now. and now i need to work out so i can get back to being skinny.
Emmalr4 [12:49 PM]: or toned. i can go for either.
bodenlch [12:49 PM]: you're the fatty
Emmalr4 [12:49 PM]: IM NOT FAT!!
bodenlch [12:50 PM]: if you weren't then you wouldn't try to go back to skinny
Emmalr4 [12:50 PM]: im "normal" im far from being fat and overweight, but i don't look skinny anymore. im use to the latter.
bodenlch [12:51 PM]: so you are thick and pudgy
Emmalr4 [12:51 PM]: Im not either. dont you know people who's weight is just... normal.
bodenlch [12:51 PM]: yes, mine. you are thick and pudgy
Emmalr4 [12:51 PM]: ...
Emmalr4 [12:52 PM]: Thats it, I hope you get hit by a fucking bus. And then the bus burst into flames. and then you suffer for hours and then you die
bodenlch [12:54 PM]: whatevah, until i see a picture of your that's how i will think of you. same as you thought as me.
bodenlch [12:54 PM]: that should teach you something :-p
Emmalr4 [12:54 PM]: and then your body loks puffy and bloated and thats how everyone remembers you
Emmalr4 [12:54 PM]: lol!
bodenlch [12:54 PM]: nah
bodenlch [12:54 PM]: it's not in my genes
Emmalr4 [12:55 PM]: im posting this in my journal so everyone can see the mean shit you say to me.
bodenlch [12:56 PM]: ....you were MEAN to me.
Emmalr4 [12:58 PM]: how?

LOL! I love pissing off Mike, but I think he loves pissing me off too. Okay, story to tell- I was at my community college registering for another class and I had a Spring Class Schedule book that had papers with my info on it. You know, my damn NAME, my phone number, my ADDRESS, and my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

It's like, I turned my head one second and it was scattered amongst all the other dozens of Identical Spring schedule books. And I looked too. I looked like a dumbass through books that were identical trying to find them. And I didn't, so now I sit worrying if somebody will try and use my info for my credit (which would suck for them since I really don't have a damn thing on it) or try to add another class and have me pay for it.

*sighs* It's like everybody else can do this whole independant-grown-up thing except me. These are one of those things that makes me realize I really don't need kids. I might subconsciously lose them on purpose and go on tv crying 'cause they're gone when I'm really just trying to rid myself of responsibility as an "adulto".

Mike what's "adult" in spanish?
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Dammit! [07 Jan 2006|10:16pm]
[ mood | ashamed ]

Dammit, I hate it when I do this to myself- I've been working out really well this past few weeks. And I've basicaly lost all the weight in my face (because for some reason when I start to gain weight my body decides to send it to my head before sending it other places) and other parts of my body are starting to look tone and slim. and my pants are beginning to feel loose again when they were snug.

But I hate it when I start to pig out on days when I can't exercise because the local alcohoic is home and his main area is the basement/gym. After I work out its like I don't wanna ruin all that work I just did. But when I can't, thats when Fat!Carl, and Slim!Over!exercising!Carl just can't stop him.

I ate Popeyes chicken and then- get this- I decided to finish off that can of Cake icing that I made with my little sister a week ago (that, I ate in portions)

I ran my finger inside of that fucking can like it was heaven....

Mainly because it was, guys and guhls. It was. White and fliffy vanilla frosting...

*Homer Simpson drool* Ah Lawd, I understand Uncle Rawkus when he was talking about that White Fever... except mine was for icing.

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