Neo (neonix25) wrote,

I Hate Myself...

I've just now seen Serenity I know.. what took me so long? I can actually go a while without seeing movies-especially if I'm broke. Give me music or a book over a movie any day.

But Oh God! Tess was right and I feel like such an idiot.... such a stupid, late idiot for missing out on a great movie!!!!

Oh God... Wash.

I needs a moment.[/geekdom]

Also... has anybody seen Me and You and Everyone We Know? Kinda wack.

But um... "Back and Forth" will stay in my head- forever! LOL! The mouths of babes. But in its sick fucked up way... "Back and Forth" was kind of sweet if you look at it in a romantic-relationship symbolic kinda way.
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