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"We rule at fanfiction"

Thoguht I share a fun little Im with you guys. It's an idea for my next story...

var [11:54 PM]: I was geek-gasming again about X3 in my lj. Also made a Magneto icon.
Neo [11:54 PM]: LOL! All these damn trailers!
Neo [11:54 PM]: I saw one that really disgust me� it was so Jean/Logan I was like Blegh!
Neo [11:55 PM]: but... in another way, I loved it
var [11:55 PM]: You the know the angst sells tickets.
Neo [11:55 PM]: I know... but still! I have issues. Scott/Jean all the way, Scott/jean with Logan as the tempter� sure. But.. Jean/Logan? No. I'd rather read Scott/Logan than that shit
Neo [11:56 PM]: Southern bigot voice: "It just ain't right!"
var [11:56 PM]: Holy shit, don't even. Do you have any idea how much FUCKING ILLUSTRATED Logan/Scott slash there is on the intarwebs?
Neo [11:57 PM]: OMFG! you know, I forgot all about that.
var [11:57 PM]: Lucky you.
Neo [11:57 PM]: i bet they've fucked all possible ways a human body can possibly do in fanfic land.
var [11:57 PM]: MS Paint fanfic pr0n is terrible.
var [11:58 PM]: And impossible ways a human body can't, no doubt.
Neo [11:59 PM]: LOL!
Neo [11:59 PM]: OMg! Logan/Scott MPreg!!!
Neo [11:59 PM]: *dies*
var [11:59 PM]: JESUS CHRIST, SIR
Neo [11:59 PM]: that'll give you some nice dreams tonight.
Neo [12:00 AM]: they can't protect you from MPreg!
var [12:00 AM]: I think about Logan being pregnant, and I die a little bit inside.
Neo [12:01 AM]: Scott/Logan Mpreg especially!
OMGZ! I was thinking of Scott pregnant, but Logan... *dies of so much laughter*
var [12:02 AM]: Scott pregnant is bad enough. Logan pregnant opens up untold worlds of pain.
Neo [12:02 AM]: having scenes where scott is rubbing the stomach and Storm is bouncing around all happy. nobody's wondering WTF? 'cause they're mutants and they are already freaky.
Neo [12:02 AM]: jean is like nonexistant. or she is the baby's aunt or something.
var [12:02 AM]: Logan is pregnant, Storm is bouncing, Sinister is planning a baby shower, IT IS JUST ANARCHY IN HERE
Neo [12:03 AM]: ROFLMAO!
Neo [12:03 AM]: oh shit, Sinister would def. plan a baby shower!
Neo [12:04 AM]: and of course Rogue is jealous because she loved Logan and has snippy comments for Scott.
var [12:04 AM]: And Jubilee is all "OMG HE WAS MINE FIRST YOU SKANK ASS BITCH"
var [12:05 AM]: Holy shit, Logan referring to Scott as his baby daddy.
Neo [12:05 AM]: LOL!!!!!!
var [12:06 AM]: It is all too hilarious and disturbing.
Neo [12:06 AM]: And Bobby comes out of the closet and kisses Scott! Logan gets mad and the story has a "SNIKT!!!!!1one!" in the middle of it and he threatens to kill him and he and Scott break up for a while
var [12:07 AM]: ROFL!!!
Neo [12:08 AM]: but this is when Scott realizes that he loves Logan and talks with Jean who is of course cool with her ex-fiance marrying the guy who wanted her, and goes with him to buy a ring.
Neo [12:09 AM]: who would say that? Bobby?
Neo [12:10 AM]: ...omg! and then in the end, Mags gets Xavier old ass preggers!
var [12:10 AM]: Any one of them. Then it could be a shopping extravanganza in which Apocalypse feels left out so they organize a surprise party for him and they take the X-Jet, and, and, and...
var [12:11 AM]: Oh god, the loving depictions of butt sex with a disabled bald guy.
Neo [12:11 AM]: *dies* OMG! Poccy and Sinister help organize the shower! and they show up at the mansion all cool and calm!
var [12:12 AM]: Sabretooth is actually a certified midwife!
Neo [12:12 AM]: *dies* and of course, to make it even cuter.. Xavier and Logan go into labor in the same day!
Neo [12:13 AM]: Oh GOD!!!!! *dies a billion times!!!1one1111!!!*
var [12:13 AM]: We win at fanfiction.

Yes, M-Preg. Male pregnany. X-men.Fuck a HBO- We took it there.
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